committed. encouraging. professional.

Coach Nez Smith

USAPL Powerlifting Coach, Meet Director and State Referee

Cert. Personal Trainer  


Our Dream

Educate and encourage athletes, from beginner to competitive level, to be the best they can be in strength, recovery, technique and mobility.

Coach Robert Smith

USAW-L2 Weightlifting Coach Personal Trainer


Coach Manny

Functional Training, Mobility, Personal Trainer

Coach Lauren

Asst. Weightlifting Coach USAW-L1

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quality equipment

Weightlifting Area

6  8'x8' Olympic Platforms

140kg+ for each platform 

4 Independent Squat Racks

Jerk Blocks

Pulling Blocks

5 15kg Barbells

5 20kg Barbells

Chalk Bowls

Wrist Wraps


Powerlifting Area

Texas Strength Systems Combo Rack on Competition Platform

Power Rack

2 Dual Racks

20kg Ohio Power Bar

45lb Ohio Power Bar

20kg Ohio Deadlift Bar

5kg Titex Competition Collars

Over 800kg in IPF Approved Calibrated Competition Plates

3 Benches

Safety Bar

Hex Bar

Pulling Blocks


Deadlift Platform

Deadlift Platform with band pegs

Chalk Bowls

Deadlift Jack


Rogue Reverse Hyper

Rogue GHD w/ pegs

3lb - 100lb Hex Dumbbells

Kettle bells

Concept 2 Rower Model D

Assault Bike

Lat Pull and Row Cable Machine

Incline and Decline Bench

Camera/Phone Tripods

2 TVs

PVC Pipes


Bosu Ball

Medicine Balls


Ab wheels

Lacrosse Balls

Foam Rollers

Yoga Mats