Learn from 11x IPF World Powerlifting Champion

About Jen Thompson

 Began Powerlifting: 1999

Federations: USAPL, IPF

Weight: 132lbs, 138 lbs.

Best Lifts
Equipped: Squat 403lbs. Bench 331lbs. Deadlift 396lbs. Total 987lbs.
Raw: Squat 325 lbs Bench 314.5 lbs Deadlift 446 lbs. Total 1086 lbs. 

(Bench in the 72kg class 317.5)

Goals: Defend World Classic Championship Title, Bench 315 pounds Raw, Deadlift 500 pounds, get a respectable squat

Inspiration: To show that you don't have to look like a man, to lift like one.

Powerlifting Quote: "It's not supposed to be easy, so GO BIG or stay home" 

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