NormaTec Pulse Pro Recovery Leg Compression


Train Harder. Recover Faster.

The NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab. NormaTec's patented PULSE technology to help athletes recover faster between trainings and after performance. 

Our systems include a control unit and attachments which go on the legs. With compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with the patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern. You will first experience a pre-inflate cycle, during which the connected attachments are molded to your exact body shape. Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, each segment of the attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release. This will repeat for each segment of the attachment as the compression pattern works its way up your limb.t

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If you want to perform better, you need to recover better.

Elite competitors, serious athletes, and those of us active and over 40 face a similar problem; we're often doing more than our bodies can handle. You may or may not actually feel sore; but you’re likely starting each day with a recovery deficit, and that’s a major problem. When you’re not fresh your performance suffers, if you don’t fully recover your training gains are compromised, and overuse and fatigue cause the majority of injuries. 

Recover better today